Did the previous owner of your house leave paint thinner and pool chemicals?  Are you helping a parent move to a condominium and you have jars of hobby paint purchased in the Reagan administration?  Whatever the reason, many of us have hazardous products that are too old to use.  They just need disposal.  So- how does St. Louis Household Hazardous Waste (HHWSTL) work? 

Make a Reservation

The first step is to make a reservation.  As you go through the reservation process you will learn what will be accepted and what is not accepted.  You will see a map of the facility location and driving directions.  You also will be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions.  This step is important!  HHWSTL cannot legally accept commercial or business generated waste, which includes schools, churches and not-for-profits.  By accepting the Terms and Conditions  you are stating the materials you bring are household generated wastes. 

The next step gets personal!  We require your name and address.  The reservation system will verify you are eligible to use the facility (i.e. a resident in St. Louis City, Saint Louis County or Jefferson County).  The system does not require an email address, but if you do provide one, you will receive appointment reminders and notification of unexpected closings due to inclement weather, power outage, etc.  That is all your email will be used for, unless you click "ok to contact".  By selecting that option you are giving us permission to send you recycling news and updates.

After address verification, a calendar and available time slots will be shown for you to select a date and time that is convenient for you to drop off the materials. Once the appointment is booked, the final screen is a printable voucher.  Please print the voucher and bring it to the appointment with proof of your address (driver's license or utility bill). 

Appointment Time!

As you load your materials, try to keep products in the original container.  If the container is not safe for transport, save as much of the label as possible to identify contents.  Tighten caps and store containers upright.  Please arrive on time!  As you approach the facility you will see the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District Lemay Treatment Plant.  The treatment plant grounds are expansive.  Do not use the main entrance on Broadway, as you will not be able to access the HHW facility.  The facility entrance is on Hoffmeister and will be marked by signage. 

At the facility, staff will unload your car and weigh your materials on a scale that is visible to you.  They then will take any payment that is applicable to your visit.  The facility accepts cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).  It's as easy as that!

Some reading this may wonder- what's this about payment?  The one-day events were always free.  This is true, they were free to the resident, but very expensive for the sponsor.  For sustainability, we have initiated a cost-sharing program.  The first 50 pounds of HHW will be accepted at no cost to the resident.  If you bring more than 50 pounds, your cost will be $1.00 per pound to dispose of it through HHWSTL.  Secondly, latex paint is not considered a hazardous material. Therefore, we will be happy to recycle your latex paint for a fee of $0.20 per pound.  For a gallon can that is about half-full the fee would be about $1.00.  Latex paint is not included in the 50 pound limit of HHW. ALL latex paint will cost $0.20 per pound for recycling.  If you have any questions, visit the "faqpage or the  "contact us"  page.  For the best information, always contact your home jurisdiction.  

After your visit, enjoy a clean basement and the satisfaction of protecting public health and the environment by disposing of your HHW properly!