HHW Online Reservation System

Welcome to the St. Louis Household Hazardous Waste online reservation system. If you are a resident from the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County or Jefferson County, you are eligible to make a reservation to drop-off RESIDENTIAL HOUSEHOULD HAZARDOUS WASTE ONLY.

Accepted and Unaccepted Materials

Acceptable Waste Unacceptable Wastes
Alternative Disposal Options Disposal options
Paints* stains, varnishes, wood preservatives Explosives and ammunition
Pesticides, herbicides, poisons Radioactive waste
Solvents and strippers Smoke detectors
Aerosols Medical and infectious waste
Motor oil and filters Prescription drugs and medications
Gas cylinders (BBQ- pit size or smaller) Computers, televisions and other electronic devices
Fluorescent tubes Tires, bulky wastes (furniture, carpeting)
Batteries (rechargeable, car batteries) Household trash
Driveway sealant  
Mercury-containing devices (thermometers, thermostats, salts)  
Gasoline and other automotive fluids  

Limits and Fees

  • The first 50 pounds of HHW accepted for drop-off is at no charge to the resident.  Any amount of HHW over 50 pounds can be disposed of at a cost to the resident of $1.00 per pound.

                NOTE: Latex paint is not a hazardous material. We’re excited to offer latex paint recycling as an alternative to trash disposal.  Latex paint can be recycled at a cost of $0.25 per pound.

              Due to funding constraints, residents from the City of St. Louis and Jefferson County will be limited to one drop-off per year.

  • Please pick a reservation time that fits with your schedule. If residents miss the specified appointment but can still make it on the same day of the original appointment, we urge residents to still take advantage of the drop-off facility.