Accepting hazardous waste from St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and Jefferson County households since 2012!

Hazardous waste generated from a business, place of worship, or school is NOT accepted here.

fees may apply. make your appointment here 





Leaving waste unattended while we are closed is considered illegal dumping. These facilities are under 24 hour surveillance and you will be fined for the illegal dumping that is putting surrounding residents and workers in harms way.  


We do not have appropriate staff available everyday, so please respect our posted hours and days of service found here




Thank you for properly managing your household hazardous waste!


 We get life happens, and you may want to come earlier or later than your appointment time or on a day that works better for your schedule. That is why we welcome walk in’s during operating hours and fluctuating your appointment time with no advanced notice! You are also not required to print a confirmation sheet!




Hoffmeister - Lemay Location                               Seven Hills - Florissant Location

Open every Thurs., Fri., & these Saturdays:                                 Open every Wed. & these Saturdays:  

January 11th                                                                           January 4th

January 25th                                                                          January 18th

February 8th                                                                           February 1st

February 22nd                                                                        February 15th

March 7th                                                                                February 29th 

March 21st                                                                                 March 14th

April 4th                                                                                      March 28th

April 18th                                                                                       April 11th

May 2nd                                                                                           April 25th

May 16th                                                                                           May 9th

May 30th                                                                                         May 23rd

June 13th                                                                                         June 6th

June 27th                                                                                          June 20th

July 11th                                                                                            July 18th 

July 25th                                                                                      August 1st

August 8th                                                                                 August 15th

August 22nd                                                                               August 29th

September 5th                                                                     September 12th

September 19th                                                                  September 26th

October 3rd                                                                             October 10th

October 17th                                                                           October 24th

October 31st                                                                          November 7th

November 14th                                                                    November 21st

December 12th                                                                     December 5th

                                                                                               December 19th   






HHW Recycling Tips

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How to Prepare HHW for Transport


  • Pack waste carefully in a box or plastic storage container to prevent spillage during transport
  • Do not mix chemicals! Arrange similar chemicals together when packing your car. Put pesticides together, solvents together, paints together in their own boxes
  •  Make sure chemicals are not leaking and lids are tightly sealed. If they are not sealed, place them in a separate container for transport
  • Keep products in their original container. Label materials that are not in their original container. If you do not know what the substance is, transport it in its own box and let us know it is an unknown substance
  • Place your box of household hazardous waste in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your truck
  • Drive directly to the HHW disposal site carefully and let staffed personnel unload your chemicals once you arrive