Happy New Year!

With all the new changes a new year brings, we also are going through some changes. Latex paint disposal will go from 0.20 cents per pound, to 0.25 cents per pound for disposal.

While this decision was hard, we want you to know it is only temporary! Your latex paint needs to be sent farther away for disposal right now, and because of the increase in transporting it farther away, prices had to go up to cover the cost of proper disposal. Once we can send the latex paint back to our original local source, the price will reflect that.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and thanks for recycling!

Did the previous owner of your house leave paint thinner and pool chemicals?  Are you helping a parent move to a condominium and you have jars of hobby paint purchased in the Reagan administration?  Whatever the reason, many of us have hazardous products that are too old to use.  They just need disposal.  So- how does St. Louis Household Hazardous Waste (HHWSTL) work?